7 Reasons Why the Instant Breast Lift is Perfect For You

We, ladies, know how inconveniencing it is to go on a whole day wearing the normal bra, be they half cup bras, lace bras, padded bras, etc. You never remain the same as the day progresses.

Wearing bras all day long causes you discomfort that includes pains in those parts of the body covered by the bra.

There are days I just walk into the house and fling away the bra. Yes, fling. Who needs it, when I can pull off and finally breath?

The good news is, there is a new bra holding sway in town, “The Instant Breast Lift tape”, or “Breast Lift Tape” as some people prefer to call it.

The first time I saw it, I was like, “oh jeez! What kind of bra is this?”

But it so turns out, this bra is the best thing to happen to our breasts since the days of walking about with it freely. Hehehehe.

With this, you get the lift, which is why we use bras at all in the first place. And it can hold you for as long as 20 hours. Maybe longer, if you’re not in a hurry to pull off.

This saves you all the stress and discomfort and still gives you a fabulous look. You can see some of the photos below for what I’m talking about.

A lot of ladies all over the world are now using “The Instant Breast Lift” product, and it has received a lot of positive, as well as negative feedbacks.

But why dwell on the negative when this product clearly has more positive things to offer than negative?


Now Let’s Look at The 7 Major Advantages of This Product.

  1. This Breast lift only holds from your nipple to the flesh above it. In other words, your breast gets a lift while being bare. So you do not have the discomfort our regular bra gives.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you’re a D cup size, as long as your breasts aren’t too HEAVY, you can lift each breast with this strapless bra and still realign your nipple.
  3. You can wear The Breast Lift under any type of dress, The open back dress, the sleeveless dress, the spaghetti strap top, T-shirts, deep v cut dresses, bikinis, sport wears etc. It is convenient for any type of dress and keeps your fashion style fabulous.
  4. It is a big-time solution to the backaches too. You know those aches you get from wearing a bra for too long at a stretch? Those ones that make you wonder why you can’t change sex for a brief minute? Yes. Those.
  5. You can wear a breast lift for as long as 24 hours, and it still will be firm and you still will be comfortable.
  6. The material is super soft. It doesn’t pinch either.
  7. The Breast Lift is made of a very thin transparent material. so even if it peeps out of your clothes, One can’t easily see it. They will have to look hard.

Since We Want To Be Fair, Let’s Look At The Disadvantages

  1. If you have big and really HEAVY boobs, emphasis on HEAVY. It would work a little for you. Give you a little lift, not so much and it wouldn’t last so long.
  2. You can’t use oils or lotions in the region you’ll apply the tape, else it wouldn’t stick.
  3. Do not go swimming when using the instant breast lift tape. Water will cause it to come off. You can play in the water, in your bikini, but don’t go swimming. However, you can use it for your everyday regular activities.
  4. You have to be wary of excess sweat.


Outside of all the above, you’re good to go on and have the best braless experience of your life.

One of the best advice I’ll leave you with is this. Before using The Instant Breast Lift Tape, please don’t fail to read the instructions. Reading it will save you a lot of stress and wastage of tape. Also, if you cannot peel off the covering and raise your breast at the same time to apply, get someone to help you. It could be your sister, best friend, mom, boyfriend or husband. The choice is yours. But after the first two tries, you will get a hang of it, I promise.


Already feeling like using this? Then go here to get it.


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