How to Upload Your Goods for Sale – A Picture Guide

It is true you want a platform where you can upload your goods and make a hell of a sale, especially to people in different states and countries around the world.

That’s why you’re here. So the first thing to do is register an account, which is pretty much easy. You then go to your email to verify your account. Afterward, you come back here to login.

When you log in, the screenshot below is what you see. But want you want is a vendor account. Now, see that grey box with “My Store” written on it? Yes. Click on it


After clicking on it, You’ll be taken to a vendor page where you will fill in your store details, including your store name and description. See a sample of the page below.

Please fill in all necessary details. and directly underneath the form, click on the large blue button with “Apply For Vendor.” After you submit the form, the page below is what you see, again.


Don’t be scared. You’re almost there, even though it looks like you’re back to the start. Now move your mouse back to the Grey box with “My Store” written on it, and click. You will be taken to your dashboard, as seen below.

Now you’re going to upload your products and sell. Before then, please feel free to feel around your vendor dashboard, so as to get familiar with it.. You can check out the product manager dashboard, starts/reports, coupons, payment etc.

Most importantly, look in front of you, where you have My Shop, Add Products, Orders, and Announcement. Click on Ad Products. And the product page opens up.

Below is a continuation of the form.

And here again.

If your product is an ebook that can be downloaded, awesome! click on the downloadable product and fill in the details. Please ensure you read the instruction just below product type, as seen in the image below, and stick strictly to it, so as to avoid problems. If your currency is not dollar, do not put in the price. Instead, include the price in your description and submit your product for approval. It will be put in by the product review team before it they publish the product to the store.

So that’s it, people. If you have any questions, or you need me to clarify anything for you, please feel free to drop a comment in the comment section. I’ll be happy to provide you answers as best as I can.





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