How To Register A Buyer’s Account

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So how do you register your buyer account? The method is as simple as cooking noodles, not sure we sell that for now though. But registering can be done in less than three minutes. See the steps below:

1. Click on The Home Menu Section: the home menu will drop down a list of information and it comes in this order, Home, About us, Register/Log in. If you’re using a laptop, you can also just look at the top right side of the page. The Register/Login is just above the search box.

2. Click on Register/Login: it will take you to a pane that has both the log-in form and the registration form. If using a mobile, the log-in form comes first. But you don’t need it yet. Simply scroll down to the registration form and fill in the necessary information. You’ll be required to fill in the following:

*Email address
*Tick the Robots security check (to prove that you are not another android).
*Click Register

3. A Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address with which you used to register. Please click on the confirmation link.

And You’re done.

You can then browse products and add them to your cart, and also proceed to checkout. Please know that the checkout page is powered by Vogue Pay. So your card details are safe and secure.

If you have some really cool products to sell, and you want a Vendor Account, that’s easy. You can see a picture guide here.

Yes. What are you still waiting for? There are awesome products I assure you, you can’t wait to start using. Go and Register.

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