Watch TV on Your Mobile, Any Time You Like, With This Digital Mobile TV Receiver.

This Mini Micro USB DVB-T Digital Mobile TV Receiver is one of the best things that has happened in this age and time. With this mini receiver, you can watch your local TV stations on your phone, wherever you are. You wouldn’t need to worry about electricity if you’re in a country that still experiences power outages.

The ease with which you can use the Digital Mobile TV Receiver is mind-blowing.

This first step is to visit Play Store with your Android device and download the required DVB-T app, as specified in the manual. It’s free. Once done, install it and attach the USB of your DVB-T antenna receiver, then attach the antenna to the USB.

Afterward, start up the app TV and perform a local station scan so you can quickly view and save the various channels you’ll love to watch. You can always switch between these stations from time to time.

After set up, you can then watch any TV program you want, it doesn’t matter if you’re on your way to work, to the market for shopping, to the gym, or just having a relaxed evening at the beach.

Also, with this TV Receiver, you can pause, fast forward or rewind live TV shows. This is only possible though, on Android devices with USB OTG function.

This package also comes with an Electronic Program Guide that helps you search automatically for TV channels and store them. It also shows you upcoming programs and helps you select the ones you want to watch.

What Devices Are Supported For This?
1. Tablets with Android OS
2. Smart Phones with Android OS
3. TV boxes using Android OS
4. Chrome books

I’m happy to add that, the TV signal comes from the antenna, and as such you really do not need an internet connection, Wi-Fi or even hotspot connections.

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