About Us

strangelisting ent

StrangeListing Ent is an online marketplace that aims solely to bring you fun, interesting, entertaining and even weird products from world-class suppliers and individual sellers. These products are out of the world and great in assisting you in your everyday activities. And we ensure free shipping for almost all items.

With our platform, we offer easy payment gateway and trust, in that, when a product is paid for, we hold on to the payment until we get a confirmation that product has been delivered to the buyer. And in a case where the product was delivered and the buyer is being fraudulent, we will investigate.

With our strict system in place, we do everything possible to ensure your buying and selling experience is very satisfactory.

If you do have items you feel is worthy of our shop space, please register an account here

Also, be rest assured we list only the best products from the best sellers on the internet, thereby saving you time and making us your one-stop e-shop for cool stuff that is interesting, odd, irresistible, fun, engaging and useful to you and/or your loved ones.

We make it a habit to highlight, every week, several great products that’ll make you start filling up your wish list within minutes.

We do not bore you with lengthy reviews. No spamming either. We just tell you, straight up, the pros and/or cons of each product listed. No. We will never mislead you.