Product detail page rules

Product detail page rules

Customers first learn about your offers on a product detail page. The following policies have been established to ensure that each product detail page represents a unique item in order to deliver a single page per product and optimize the buying experience.

Content-specific policies

  • Comply with the style guide that applies to the product you’re listing. Some categories have additional guidelines.
  • Do not include HTML, JavaScript, or other types of executables other than break (</br>) in your detail pages. You can use break to provide the necessary line breaks when providing the description.
  • The inclusion of any of the following information in detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images is prohibited:
    • Pornographic, obscene or offensive content.
    • Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, e-mail addresses, or website URLs.
    • Availability, price, condition, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders), or alternative shipping offers (such as free shipping).
    • Spoilers regarding Books, Music, and Video or DVD (BMVD) listings (information that reveals plot elements crucial to the suspense, mystery or surprise ending of a story).
    • Reviews, quotes or testimonials.
    • Solicitations for positive customer reviews.
    • Advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks on images, photos or videos.
    • Time-sensitive information such as dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, and so on.
  • Product title length must not exceed a maximum of 200 characters (including spaces) in all categories. Some of the categories may have a different maximum title length than 200 characters. To know the accurate maximum title length for your respective category, please refer to your category specific style guide.
  • Comply with StrangeListing Ent listing standards for any product sold on StrangeListing Ent. Failure to do so creates a negative customer experience and may result in your selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed. This includes but is not limited to the following:
    • All products must be appropriately and accurately categorized. To learn more about the classifying your products correctly.
    • Product titles, product descriptions, and bullets must be clearly written and assist the customer in understanding the product.
    • All product images must meet StrangeListing Ent general image standards as well as any applicable category-specific image guidelines.

Detail page creation policies

  • Use of Add a Product, inventory files, and StrangeListing Ent Marketplace Web Services (StrangeListing Ent MWS) listing APIs for any purpose other than listing products on StrangeListing Ent is prohibited.
  • The use of false product identification information—including UPC codes or publication dates—in product detail pages is prohibited.
  • The creation of product detail pages is limited to products that do not already exist within StrangeListing Ent’s catalog. Creating a product detail page for a product already in the StrangeListing Ent catalog is prohibited.
  • Using product detail pages to cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product is prohibited.
  • For Books, Music, Videos, and DVDs (BMVD) a single detail page may not be used to advertise more than one product. BMVD-only product bundles must be defined by the publisher or manufacturer and have a single ISBN, UPC, or EAN that is different from the product identifier for any unique item in the bundle.
  • All products listed on StrangeListing Ent must meet North America product safety standards.
  • You should not update an existing listing for a new version of a product. This includes changes in color, size, material, features, and product name. You should create a new product detail page for new versions of products. For example, a manufacturer updates its streaming media player by introducing a new remote control with four buttons instead of two buttons on the old remote. This is materially different from the previous version and must be listed as a new ASIN.